Branding Identity

Art Director: Camille King
Copywriter: Karen Morris

Junior Art Director: Lindsey Mills

Work was not produced by client.

This platform is designed to challenge parents to take a step back. To lift their eyes from attrition rates and college placement statistics. And to really look at the path they’re sending their child down.  

Because academic, artistic and athletic achievement will get you into a good college. But it’s the intangibles—the values that continue to be applicable long after college applications have been mailed in—that truly have the power to take you to where you want to be.  


Life provides us with no shortage of finish lines. There’s always a new deadline to be met.
A new obstacle to be overcome. A new stress to be dealt with. 

And it’s easy to forget is that each of those milestones will lay the groundwork for the
trajectory of our lives. That if we do nothing but keep our heads down and our noses to the
grindstones, we will keep moving, but we’ll never see where it is we’re going to.  

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