ACDs: Camille King & Karen Morris
Senior Designer: Nick Marranzino
Art Direction: Lindsey Mills

Copywriter: Laurel Mura
Illustration: Shaw Nielsen

Convincing kids to make healthy choices isn’t easy. But getting kids to play games is. Which is exactly why we helped the CU Health Plan create Brussels + Muscles—a kids’ nutrition and fitness program that uses gaming, tracking and rewards to urge kids and their families to lead healthier lives.

Launching the brand required everything from creating a name and developing an identity system to designing activity kits, developing a microsite and producing communication tactics. For Brussels + Muscles it was very important that no matter the media, every aspect of the brand felt youthful, energetic and, most importantly, fun.


Brussels + Muscles believes in playing in parks, playing on teams and playing with our food. By bringing GeoPalz and
custom ZisBoomBah content to CU Health Plan participants and their kid's ages 5-11. They gave kids the power to keep track
of their wiggles and jiggles, to help create delicious, healthy meals and best of all, they earned great prizes along the way. 


Leveraging Brussels + Muscles parent and kid packets, we created
a social strategy to reach Health Plan members and create a Brusselers community