Come To Life 2019

Creative Directors: Jeff Martin and Dave Cook
Design Director: Greg Ryan
Senior Art Director: Lindsey Mills
Copywriter: Zack Shockley

Digital Designer: Andrea Shaver

Colorado is something you need to experience in order to fully understand.

It’s a heightened state of discovery. It opens our eyes to the world and inspires us to be truly alive. When people come to Colorado, they uncover moments that awaken them and feelings that stay with them forever.

Only Colorado invites travelers to Come To Life.

Rather than simply showing off majestic peaks, awe-inspiring landscapes and lists of attractions—all things Colorado does have, by the way—the Come To Life campaign taps into the moments that happen in these magical places.

Colorado Tourism knows that traveling is as much about going places internally as it is physically. So we’re inviting people to come to Colorado, Come To Life, and see for themselves.

Come To Life is rooted in a timeless and universal human truth, the intense human desire for aliveness that lives inside each and every one of us. Our state aims to inspire those who are hungry to live their best lives.

Inspiring us to discover that life truly happens in the space between